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Some of the most popular casino streamers on the internet are the CasinoDaddy team. Three Swedish brothers - Anton, Erik and Matthias Joelsson.

They have gained immense popularity due to their engaging personality and interesting streamings.

Their content includes not only casino games, but also contests, raffles and special events. Anton, Eric and Matthias are known for their friendly banter and interaction with the audience, as well as their impressive knowledge of the gambling industry. They are respected members of the online casino community and continue to attract new fans every day.

Biography CasinoDaddy - age, family

Anton was born in 1990, Erik in 1994, and Mattias in 1988. The three brothers who make up CasinoDaddy were born and raised in Sweden. They come from a close-knit family and have talked about how their parents supported their streaming careers.

Casinodaddy casino streamers
Casinodaddy casino streamers

Which casinos stream CasinoDaddy - Favorite casinos CasinoDaddy

Casino Daddy has built a reputation in the gambling industry and then made lucrative deals with online casinos, a testament to their popularity and influence in the industry. LeoVegas, one of the largest casinos with which the brothers have an arrangement, and it's no surprise that LeoVegas has an excellent reputation among players. Obviously, Casino Daddy's presence in the streaming industry has helped boost LeoVegas's reputation.

CasinoDaddy - Favorite Casino Games

As is typical of casino streamers, slots are the main attraction on Casino Daddy streams. CasinoDaddy streamers often spend hours spinning the reels of their favorite slots, such as Money Train and Fruit Party. These games are known for their high volatility, which means that while they can be risky, they can also bring big payouts. The CasinoDaddy streamers give detailed commentary on their strategy and decision-making process while playing these games, which makes for a fun and educational viewing experience. In addition to slots, streamers also sometimes play other popular casino games like blackjack and roulette, demonstrating their skills and expertise in the various games. Overall, Casino Daddy's streamers offer a diverse and entertaining look at the world of online gambling with an emphasis on slots with high stakes and expert gameplay.

Favorite Casino Games
Favorite Casino Games

Where and when do CasinoDaddy stream their casino games?

The CasinoDaddy channel on Twitch constantly broadcasts live streams, giving viewers unlimited access that keep them occupied almost around the clock. They don't have a fixed broadcast schedule, but you can find them on Twich almost every day. In addition, the brothers running the channel understand exactly what their audience wants and are constantly looking for new ways to make their content fresh and interesting. In addition to live broadcasts, there are other ways to access CasinoDaddy's content. For example, many broadcasts are recorded and uploaded to the Youtube channel, where you can find a wealth of additional content.

Isn't the CasinoDaddy a fake?

They are a true team of three Swedish brothers who have gained enormous popularity through their entertaining casino streams. They have gained a reputation as professionals and are highly respected members of the online casino community. Their content includes not only casino games, but also contests, raffles and special events.

What is the net profit of CasinoDaddy?

It is no secret that the brothers make good money from their streaming and affiliate programs. Their value was estimated at $4.5-5.5 million in 2022.

CasinoDaddy in social networks

CasinoDaddy in social networks
CasinoDaddy in social networks

CasinoDaddy to Twitch

You can watch the CasinoDaddy broadcasts on their channel Twitch. They broadcast a variety of casino games and have a fascinating and interesting style that has won them a large number of fans.

CasinoDaddy on YouTube

In addition to live streaming on Twitch, CasinoDaddy also uploads content to their YouTube channel. Their YouTube channel features highlights of their broadcasts, contests, and other casino-related content.

CasinoDaddy to Instagram

You can follow CasinoDaddy on their Instagram account. On their Instagram you can see photos and videos taken backstage, as well as highlights from live broadcasts.

CasinoDaddy to Twitter

You can follow CasinoDaddy on their Twitter account. Their Twitter account publishes live updates as well as other casino related news.

CasinoDaddy to Discord

CasinoDaddy has a server, Discord, where fans can communicate with each other and with the CasinoDaddy team. The server has channels to discuss casino games, share memes, and more.

CasinoDaddy to TikTok

You can follow CasinoDaddy on their TikTok account. There you can see moments from their live broadcasts, challenges, and other entertaining content.


If you're a fan of online casino games, you're probably already familiar with CasinoDaddy. This team of three Swedish brothers has become one of the most popular casino streamers on the internet, thanks to their fascinating personality and interesting streamers. They mainly specialize in slots, but they also play other popular casino games such as blackjack and roulette. With their professionalism and experience in this industry, they have gained a large and loyal audience, and they continue to attract new fans every day.

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The real names of CasinoDaddy?

Anton, Erik and Matthias Joelsson.

How many Twitch subscribers does CasinoDaddy have?

Currently, CasinoDaddy has 183,952 subscribers to Twitch. This number is steadily increasing as their popularity continues to grow.

How old is CasinoDaddy?

Anton was born in 1990, Eric in 1994, and Mathias in 1988.

When is the birthday of CasinoDaddy?

We currently have no information about the date of birth of CasinoDaddy. However, we do know that Anton was born in 1990, Eric in 1994, and Matthias in 1988.

Where does CasinoDaddy live?

The CasinoDaddys are currently living in Sweden.

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