Casino Streamer Trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv, also known as Tyler Faraz Niknam or Trainwreck, is a popular streamer Twitch from the United States.

He is known for his engaging game play, outgoing personality and interesting casino game streamings. Trainwreckstv has a large number of subscribers on Twitch and has become a well-known figure in the gaming community.

? NameTyler Nicknam
?️ Date of birth?December 20, 1990.
?️ Place of birth?Austin, Texas, United States
? ProfessionStreamer on Twitch, youtuber
? PlatformsTwitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
? CitizenshipAmerican
?️ Interests in gamesStreams of various games, World of Warcraft, Fortnite
? The best moments of the streamsMemorable moments on Twitch

Biography Trainwreckstv - age, family

Trainwreckstv, whose real name is Tyler Nicknam, was born November 3, 1990, in Austin, Texas. He grew up in Texas and attended Texas State University, where he studied recreation and leisure.

Trainwreckstv Twitch
Trainwreckstv Twitch

Trainwreckstv began his streaming career on Twitch in 2014, primarily broadcasting World of Warcraft gameplay. He quickly gained popularity on the platform and expanded his content to include other games such as League of Legends, Fortnite and Among Us. His interesting personality and engaging gameplay helped him gain a large audience on Twitch.

In addition to computer games, Trainwreckstv is also known for his casino broadcasts, where he plays various casino games live. Some have criticized him for promoting gambling among young audiences, but he defends himself by saying that he does not encourage gambling and that his Streaming are for entertainment purposes only.

Which casinos stream Trainwreck - Best Sites

Trainwreck streams at several online casinos, including 888 Casino, Stake, Caxino and LeoVegas.

  • 888 Casino - A well-known online casino offering a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.
  • Stake - is a popular cryptocasino that offers a range of games, including slots, table games and sports betting. It accepts various cryptocurrencies as payment and is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Control Board of Curacao.
  • Caxino is an online casino offering a wide range of games including slots, table games and live dealer games. It is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • LeoVegas - popular online casinoThe company, which offers a variety of games, is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.
Trainwreckstv Net Worth
Trainwreckstv Net Worth

Trainwreckstv Favorite Casino Games

Trainwreckstv mentioned that he has several favorite games that he enjoys playing on his streams. These include Razor Shark, Ankh of Anubis, Floating Dragon, and Book of Shadows.

  • Razor Shark is a popular slot machine with an underwater theme, known for its high volatility and the possibility of large payouts. 
  • Ankh of Anubis is an Egyptian-themed slot game with free spins and expanding wilds. 
  • Floating Dragon is a new release with a unique Asian theme and several bonus features, including the Pick and Click bonus and Free Spins bonus. 
  • Book of Shadows is a horror-themed slot game with free spins and expanding symbols.

Where does Trainwreck stream?

Trainwreck mainly streams on Twitch, which is a popular streaming platform for gamers. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on Twitch and regularly streams various games, including his casino streams. In addition to Twitch, Trainwreckstv also has a YouTube channel where he posts moments from his streams and other content.

When Trainwreckstv streams casino games?

Trainwreckstv has regular broadcasts, but the broadcast schedule can vary. He usually airs several times a week, with his broadcasts starting late at night or early in the morning, U.S. Central Time. However, his schedule can change depending on his personal commitments or events. Viewers can check his channel on Twitch for his current schedule, which is usually updated weekly.

Is Trainwreckstv a fake?

Trainwreckstv has not been accused of any serious cases of fraud or dishonesty on his channels. Apparently, he plays fairly and follows the rules of the casinos and gambling sites he uses. However, it is important to remember that the risk of fraud or dishonesty always exists in any form of gambling, and it is up to each viewer to take a responsible approach to gambling and make informed decisions.

Additionally, Trainwreck is known for speaking openly and honestly about his struggle with gambling addiction in the past. This has helped create a more open and honest conversation about gambling on his streams. He has also taken steps to ensure that his broadcasts comply with gambling laws and regulations, such as including age restrictions and warnings about the risks associated with gambling.

Trainwreckstv Reddit
Trainwreckstv Reddit

What is the net income of Trainwreckstv?

Although Trainwreckstv has never publicly disclosed his exact net worth, it is estimated to be around $18 million based on his various activities. Most of Trainwreckstv's income comes from his streaming on Twitch, but he also makes money from YouTube, sponsorships, donations to Twitch, and casino winnings. Although his exact income is unknown, it is clear that he has managed to achieve considerable wealth through his various endeavors.

Trainwreckstv in social networks

Trainwreck has several social media accounts. He is active on Twitter and frequently posts updates about his streams and personal life. He also has an account on Instagram where he shares photos and updates with his followers. In addition, Trainwreckstv has a YouTube channel where he posts highlights from his streams and other content. Viewers can follow him on these platforms to keep up with his latest content and announcements.

Trainwreckstv to Twitch

The Trainwreckstv channel on Twitch is one of the most popular gaming channels on the platform. He has over 1.5 million subscribers and regularly broadcasts various games, including such popular games as League of Legends, Fortnite and Among Us. He also broadcasts his casino sessions where he plays various casino games live.

Trainwreckstv on YouTube

His YouTube channel, Trainwreckstv, posts videos and clips from his streams on Twitch, as well as other gaming and entertainment-related content. His YouTube channel has more than 600,000 subscribers, and he frequently posts videos containing moments from his casino streams or other gaming content.

In addition to his main releases, Trainwreckstv also publishes vlogs and other types of content on his YouTube channel. He has collaborated with other popular streamers and youtubers, such as Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Imane "Pokimane" Anis, on various projects and videos.

Trainwreckstv to Instagram

The Trainwreckstv account on Instagram posts personal photos and updates from his personal life, as well as highlights and clips from his streams on Twitch. He has over 160,000 subscribers on Instagram and frequently posts photos and stories related to his daily life and gaming content.

In addition to personal photos, Trainwreckstv also uses his Instagram account to promote his streams on Twitch and other game-related content. He often posts photos or stories with captions about upcoming streams or highlights from previous streams, encouraging his subscribers to tune in and participate in his content.

Trainwreck to Twitter

Trainwreck's Twitter account is an active and popular platform where he shares updates and interacts with his fans. He has over 320,000 followers on Twitter and regularly posts updates related to his Twitch broadcasts, game content and personal life.

Trainwreckstv Twitter
Trainwreckstv Twitter

In addition to updates, Trainwreckstv also uses his Twitter account to communicate with his fans and other popular streamers and personalities. He frequently replies to fan tweets and uses his account to create a sense of community and engagement among his followers.

Trainwreckstv's Twitter account also features a variety of content, including jokes, memes and political commentary. He has been known to speak openly on political and social issues and often uses his platform to express opinions and views on various topics.

Trainwreckstv to Discord

Trainwreckstv has an active Discord server that serves as a community center for its fans and followers. The Discord server is the place where Trainwreckstv fans can interact with each other and with Trainwreckstv itself. It has various channels on various topics, such as games, music, and general discussions.

In addition to discussion channels, the Discord Trainwreckstv server also has a number of voice channels that allow fans to chat and play games together. Trainwreckstv often joins these voice channels during its streams, creating a sense of community and involvement among its subscribers.

The Trainwreckstv server in Discord also has different roles and permissions to moderate and organize the community. Fans can receive different roles depending on their level of activity and involvement with the server, which creates a sense of hierarchy and recognition in the community.

Trainwreckstv to TikTok

Trainwreckstv has an account at TikTok, which he manages himself. He currently has many subscribers, many of whom are fans of his Twitch streams and YouTube videos. On his TikTok account, Trainwreckstv posts content related to gaming, entertainment and other topics. He often shares moments from his Twitch streams and other game-related content, as well as various vlogs and personal messages. He also frequently collaborates with other popular personalities on the platform to create fun and entertaining videos for his subscribers.


Trainwreckstv is a popular Twitch streamer known for his interesting personality and interesting content. He regularly broadcasts various games, including casino games, and has regular fans who enjoy his streamers and other content. In addition to Twitch, Trainwreckstv has a strong presence on other social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Discord, where he interacts with his fans and shares highlights and updates of his streams with them.

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What is the real name of Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv's real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam.

How many Twitch subscribers does Trainwreckstv have?

Trainwreckstv had over 1.5 million subscribers to Twitch.

How old is Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv was born in December 1990, which means he is 33 years old.

When is Trainwreckstv's birthday?

The birthday of Trainwreckstv is December 20 (1990).

Where does Trainwreckstv live?

The residence of Trainwreckstv has not been made public.

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