Casino Streamer ProdigyDDK

ProdigyDDK is an experienced and highly respected Danish streamer, Twitch, who specializes in slot machine streams and boasts an extensive fan base.

His engaging videos cover topics ranging from online casino gambling and bitcoin casinos to other areas of interest. ProdigyDDK has been appearing on Twitch since 2018 and has amassed a staggering audience of 172,975 loyal fans, with an impressive average of 681 viewers in the last 30 days.

Streamer's nameProdigyDDK
Real nameJoshua Hammerich

He has also made a name for himself on YouTube with an impressive 251,000 subscribers. As a partner of Twitch, ProdigyDDK has dedicated 125 hours and 30 minutes to his streaming in the last 30 days alone, demonstrating his commitment and dedication to his craft. Despite having accounts on all social media platforms, ProdigyDDK streams exclusively on Twitch, where he has proven himself to be a true master of his craft.

Casino Streamer ProdigyDDK
Casino Streamer ProdigyDDK

Biography ProdigyDDK - age, family

ProdigyDDK is a 22-year-old Danish streamer on Twitch who has gained a lot of popularity for his unique style and engaging content. His streamers are a combination of video games, music and conversation, with ProdigyDDK often sharing his thoughts on a variety of topics. His fans appreciate his authenticity and enjoy the sense of community he has created. In addition to streaming, ProdigyDDK is also active on social media, where he shares behind-the-scenes moments of his life and interacts with his fans. He has also participated in several charity events, using his platform to raise money for various causes. Overall, ProdigyDDK's success on Twitch can be attributed to his hard work, dedication, and ability to connect with his audience in a meaningful way.

Which casinos stream ProdigyDDK - Favorite casinos ProdigyDDK

On his streamers, fans encounter a variety of casinos such as Stake, Casumo etc. Each with its own unique atmosphere and selection of games.

ProdigyDDK - Favorite Casino Games

Some of the ProdigyDDK casino favorites include Deadwood, Tome of Madness, Testament, The Dog House, Fruit Party, Razor Shark, El Paso Gunfight, Sweet Bonanza and Western Jack.

ProdigyDDK - Favorite Casino Games
ProdigyDDK - Favorite Casino Games

Where does ProdigyDDK stream his casino games?

ProdigyDDK broadcasts casinos on Twitch. He has accounts on other social networks, but he broadcasts exclusively on Twitch.

When does ProdigyDDK stream his casino games?

ProdigyDDK's streaming schedule adapts very easily to the needs of his audience. He doesn't have a specific time for streaming, but he tries to provide his subscribers with a steady stream of content throughout the week.

Isn't the ProdigyDDK a fake?

ProdigyDDK, the Danish streamer Twitch, is known for his fascinating slot-streams and strong connection with his audience. He has not been known to cheat his audience. He owes his success on Twitch to his hard work and determination.

What is the net profit of ProdigyDDK?

ProdigyDDK's net income has not been disclosed. However, being an affiliate of Twitch and having a huge number of fans on both Twitch and YouTube, he probably has a significant net worth. In addition to streaming revenueshe probably makes good money from casino participation, advertising, sponsorships, tournaments, sweepstakes, and casino winnings.

ProdigyDDK in social networks

ProdigyDDK in social networks
ProdigyDDK in social networks

ProdigyDDK to Discord

ProdigyDDK is also active in Discord, a popular communication application used by gamers. Its Discord server allows fans to communicate with each other and with ProdigyDDK itself. Users can chat with the streamer, receive notifications when he goes live on Twitch, and participate in exclusive giveaways and events. The Discord ProdigyDDK server is a great way for fans to stay connected and communicate with the streamer outside of his streams on Twitch. To join his server, visit his channel on Twitch and click on the Discord icon under "About".

ProdigyDDK on instagram

On his Instagram ProdigyDDK account, he confidently shares snippets from his personal life, not limited to games and live broadcasts. Possessing a fine culinary taste, he often posts photos of delicious food and drinks. His nearly 10,000 subscribers on this platform can also accompany him on his adventures as he travels the world, exploring places like Japan and Germany.

ProdigyDDK to Twitter

ProdigyDDK is very active on his page at Twitter, he has over 150,000 followers. He often tweets about his favorite games and other interesting topics, including exclusive mobile offers for Danish players. He also uses his Twitter to announce upcoming streams, giving his subscribers ample notice.

ProdigyDDK on YouTube

Joshua Prodigy's YouTube channel, which has 251,000 subscribers, uploads completed sessions on Twitch and highlights for fans who may have missed the live broadcasts. The channel is very popular in Denmark. Joshua's bio indicates that he intends to spend generously to keep the live broadcasts interesting. Watch ProdigyDDK Highlights on YouTube to keep up with the most exciting moments.

ProdigyDDK to Twitch

ProdigyDDK is a famous streamer on Twitch with a huge number of devoted fans - 172,975 people. He mostly streams slots, but also occasionally broadcasts Teamfight Tactics. As an affiliate of Twitch, he has demonstrated his commitment and dedication to his craft by devoting 125 hours and 30 minutes to his streaming in the last 30 days alone. Although he does not provide a fixed streaming schedule, he usually starts his broadcasts late at night and stays in front of the camera until about noon. His schedule is usually last minute and updated on all of his social media sites to keep his fans up to date.


ProdigyDDK is a popular Twitch streamer from Denmark known for his exciting slot streams and communication with his audience. He has over 172,975 loyal fans on Twitch and 251,000 subscribers on YouTube. He broadcasts slots and occasionally Teamfight Tactics. He is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, where he shares his thoughts on games and other topics.

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What is the real name of ProdigyDDK?

ProdigyDDK's real name is Joshua Hammerich.

How many Twitch subscribers does ProdigyDDK have?

Twitch-channel ProdigyDDK has an impressive 172,975 subscribers, with 823 new subscribers in the last 30 days.

How old is ProdigyDDK?

He is reportedly about 22 years old.

Where does ProdigyDDK live?

ProdigyDDK resides in Denmark.

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